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American Legion Riders Chapter 309

309 Legion Riders.jpg

The more recent addition to our American Legion family is our American Legion Riders Chapter 309. What is the American Legion Riders (ALR)? Put simply, it is an enjoyable post activity now a commission of the Department of California for Legionnaires, Auxiliary members, and Sons of the American Legion members throughout the state who enjoy motorcycle riding. It is also an ideal way to support The American Legion's programs. Since motorcycle riding is a popular free time and social activity, Posts and Departments can benefit from the growing popularity of The ALR as a way to connect and communicate across the Nation.

Interested in joining? First you have to be a member of one of our Legion components: The American Legion for veterans; the American Legion Auxiliary for spouses, daughters, granddaughters, mothers, grandmothers, sisters of veterans; or a Son of the American Legion for sons, grandsons, and direct male descendants of veterans. Email us at to join today!

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